SwiftKey Clarity Beta: Android keyboard written in Clojure

In case you haven't hear yet: a week ago SwiftKey released their new experimental keyboard called Clarity. Its killer feature is powerful multi-word auto-correction that does not just look words up in the dictionary, but analyzes what you have written and fixes entire phrases. Clarity is still in its beta phase, some features are missing (no swiping as of yet), but @adampclements and his team did and continue to do a great job, so I'm sure the lacking functionality will be implemented in the near future.

Under the hood Clarity uses most of the Clojure-Android toolchain: lein-droid, Neko, Skummet and obviously our special Android-compatible Clojure build. Over the course of developing Clarity Adam contributed to many Clojure-Android projects, and drove some of the important architectural decisions. Overall, Clarity is a massive application in terms of complexity and used libraries, so being written in Clojure it proves that CoA can be used for serious projects. I wish Adam and SwiftKey to hit that sweet 1.0 soon, and I drink to one more app in CoA ecosystem!