Getting Creative With Advice 13

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and explore a couple of techniques utilized by pick-up artists (PUAs) to achieve success in dating. Don’t let the fact that these strategies are employed by seasoned PUAs intimidate you—they’re essentially just anecdotes crafted to showcase your best qualities and pique women’s interest in getting to know you better.

Some routines, like “the cube” and “the jealous girlfriend,” have been overused and aren’t worth our time.

The Present Routine: This is a clever routine designed to provide valuable insights into your target.

Here’s how it works: Approach a group of girls and explain that your friend had to leave town unexpectedly due to a business emergency. He called you upon reaching his destination (say, LA, Tokyo, or Paris) and tasked you with buying a gift for his girlfriend, with a budget of up to $200. The catch? You’re clueless about what to get, so you’re seeking their help.

It’s brilliantly simple—whatever the girls suggest for your friend’s girlfriend is likely something they’d appreciate themselves! For instance, if one suggests a spa gift certificate, you learn that she enjoys pampering. If another suggests high-end accessories like Prada or YSL, you can infer her taste for luxury. This intel can be incredibly valuable for future interactions.

Dating for Dummies: A fantastic icebreaker, this routine helps women feel at ease around you and is downright hilarious.

First, grab a book on dating, preferably one with a cheesy title like “Dating for Dummies.” Take it with you to places where you might meet women, such as clubs or bars, and flip to the chapter on pickup lines to avoid.

Now, have some fun—approach a woman you’re interested in, hold the book open, and read aloud some of the cringeworthy pickup lines. The cheesier, the better! Lines like “Do you come here often?” or “Where have you been all my life?” work like a charm.

This approach garners laughs and helps break down her defenses. For an added twist, look her in the eye and innocently ask, “So, did it work?”

PUAs have honed these routines, and now you can use them to kickstart conversations with attractive women. But remember, your goal isn’t just to chat—it’s to establish rapport, so you can ask her out or call her later. Sharing a personal story about yourself, whether it’s from work or school, fosters a connection and encourages her to open up in return.

I won’t delve into canned PUA routines here, as they often involve dishonesty about who you are, which doesn’t align with my values. Instead, draw inspiration from your own life experiences. Every day presents opportunities for interesting stories, and sharing these genuine moments is the key to forming authentic connections.

PUAs aren’t born—they’re made. It’s time for you to start crafting your own PUA persona by experimenting with these routines and learning to approach and converse with new women. As you gain confidence, you’ll discover that your own life experiences provide the richest material for creating meaningful connections.

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